Africa's Natural Gold

Trust the knowledge and craftsmanship of African women


Do you know it?

Dry · Cracked · Reddened · Irritated · Eczema · Psoriasis · Neurodermatitis · Acne · Allergy · Sensitive.

Your Experience!

You have tried different creams. None of these has been able to alleviate or even remove your problem. The internet is full of information. To find out which cream is the right one will be difficult.

These creams have one thing in common: either they are chemical creams or organic creams. Whether chemical or bio: If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, your list of "unsuitable creams" will get bigger.

What you need is ...

natural, effective and promising

Skin like chocolate. That's how we know the African people. Skin care with a cream that is unique in this world. No chemical cream comes to their effect.

Made for hundreds of years with old craftsmanship, by African women.

Consisting of a natural ingredient, free of harmful substances. In Africa, it is called "Shea Gold" - the natural gold of Africa. Officially called shea butter cream.

Their intensive effect against various skin problems is scientifically confirmed. Whether face, lips, hands, body, feet, ... she keeps her promise. Your skin problems will be over soon.


The sheanut comes from the Shea tree in Africa. It is the only ingredient in the Shea butter cream.



Shea butter is the right cream for every skin problem. Due to the naturalness and intensive care properties, you get an improved skin feeling after a short time.

Nino Pischke


For several years I use shea butter cream. Starting for my dry skin, this cream gives me a perfect protection against strong cold in winter. In summer, again, it proves to be an excellent protection against too much sunshine. No matter which skin problem plagues you, your skin will make a reliable friendship with the shea butter cream.

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